Quick Introduction

My name is Boy Voesten, and I am a 22-year-old Game Developer.
One who has spent his youth playing games from the age of 6. Around the age of 10 I decided to join several modding communities and started to get myself into scripting, which triggered the thoughts of...
How do you actually make a game?

While being an active member of the modding community in Garry's Mod, I released one of my biggest hobby projects to date, a custom made multiplayer map. I have spent more than a year working on it every day and whilst doing so I learned the basics of modeling, photoshopping, level design, play testing and scripting.
Once it raised sky high in downloads, the cliché realization came up: I realized that I could make people happy by doing what I like. And so I chose to become a game developer.

My goal, still up till this day, is to create games that I myself, and others, would want to spend their time in and enjoy playing.